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A Jalq'a Supay

The Jalq'a world, like that of the human subconscious, is one of both the known and unknown, the real and the imaginary.

Called the land of Ukhu Pacha, it is the world of strange, fantastical and threatening creatures calld the khurus.... More

The design characteristics of the A couple at their weddingTarabuco weavings are marked by their strong sense of symmetry, use of colour, and depiction of real life. Representing the concrete world, the weavings are ruled by a sense of natural order; depicting all aspects of the Tarabuco culture, from the natural world of plants and animals, to the Tarabuqueños themselves, the weavings should be read as an expression of real life... More



A weaver at her loom




We're passionate about it, and think that you should be too!

Inca Pallay believes in and works with the ideology of FAIRTRADE, whereby a fair price is paid to the producers, one that is often significantly higher than that of its local competitors. All of Inca Pallay's products are made by hand, with 60% of the sale price paid directly to the artisan responsible, guarantying a fair price for their work. Without distinction for reasons of religion, age, sex, ethnic origin, political affiliation, or any other form of discrimination, Inca Pallay exists solely for the benefit of the weavers who comprise the association, and form its board of directors. For this reason, Inca Pallay has also created a social fund, helping each member of the association to save, and thus become more financially stable.

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